Handy Hacks Of Your Toothbrush

Handy Hacks Of Your Toothbrush

May 01, 2019

The orthodontist in Mississauga ON love toothbrushes not only because they keep your teeth clean and healthy but also because they come handy for performing all types of jobs. You can search on the internet. Here’s a look at some of the most common uses of a toothbrush in Mississauga:

1. Make flaky lips a thing of the past

Dip your toothbrush in some cocoa butter or any of your favorite lip balm and gently scrub your lips for removing the dead skin cells for a soft and kissable pout.

2. Tame unruly flyaways

It’s common for girls to struggle with flyaway hair. All you need to do is spritz your hair with some hair spray and smooth down all the baby hair with the help of the toothbrush.

3. Control disobedient brows

A toothbrush is the perfect addition to any of the beauty bag. It’s not only good for smoothing the brows but you can also use them for brushing through your mascara to avoid clumps.

4. Clean, well, everything!

The toothbrush can be a good option for cleaning your taps, jewelry or kitchen equipment and platform. It goes without saying that you need to choose a brush apart from the one that you use for cleaning your teeth.

5. Keep your retainers clean and fresh

You can also use your toothbrush for cleaning your retainers and aligners. Every time you remove your retainers give then a gentle scrub with the toothbrush and quick rinse.

6. Keep your trainer’s box fresh

Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning shoes, but they don’t make the mistake of asking someone else’s brush.

7. Give furry friends some TLC

If you have little pets at home, you can clean them with the toothbrushes as they are the perfect size for grooming little pets such as long-haired hamsters and rabbits. It will keep them tangle free and they will love the attention.

8. Condition your cuticles

You can take care of your nails and cuticles by gently buffing them and keeping in good condition. Don’t forget to apply some cuticle oil.

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