Endodontics and Root Canals in Mississauga, ON

Endodontics in Mississauga, ON is a branch of dentistry focused on the treatment of the pulp or root nerves to preserve teeth. Root canal treatment is a commonly used endodontic procedure. If the pulp becomes injured or diseased, a root canal dentist can save the tooth and avoid extraction. Teeth are needed for proper mouth function and to maintain the structure of the jaw. When a tooth is removed, the remaining teeth can shift out of place, and bone loss may result. If a damaged tooth is not treated, it can be very painful, making it difficult to eat and drink. After root canal therapy, the treated tooth is usually restored with a dental crown to protect and strengthen the weakened structure.

Root Canals in Mississauga

Dr. Jeff Levman and his Mississauga dental team are trained to provide endodontic therapy to protect your oral health. We open, disinfect, treat and clean root canals in Mississauga and seal the area with filling material. .

Our Endodontist Near You

Some endodontics offered at the Dr. Jeff Levman in our Mississauga dental office include:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Treatment for broken or cracked teeth
  • Treatment for dental trauma

Before starting endodontic therapy, your Mississauga dentist will discuss all possible treatment options to save your tooth, and protect your oral health.