Mouth Guards in Mississauga, ON

Mouth guards in Mississauga are removable dental appliances designed to protect teeth and gums form impact and trauma. First worn by athletes, sports mouth guards are now popular among people who participate in recreational physical activities. Sports guards provide a shield against painful and costly teeth, mouth, and soft tissue damage.

About Custom Mouth Guards

Although mouth guards are available over the counter, custom-made mouthguards provide the best fit and most reliable protection. You can only get a custom-fitted mouth guard from your dentist. An impression is taken of your mouth and used to mold your personalized appliance for unbeatable comfort.

Sports Guards in Mississauga

Kids and adults who play hockey, rugby, soccer, football or any other contact sport where the risk of dental injury is high should wear a sports guard.

Night Guards in Mississauga

People who clench or grind their teeth at night can often be helped by wearing special mouthguards called night guards. The intense pressure is very damaging to the teeth and jaw. To help prevent jaw pain and headaches, a nightguard or a nocturnal bite plate can be worn as a barrier.

A proper fitting mouthguard can boost your confidence, knowing you are safeguarding your oral health. If you need a night guard or a mouth guard, contact our Mississauga dental office today.

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