Tooth Extractions in Mississauga, ON

When a tooth has serious problems, there is usually only one solution, and that is an extraction. Tooth extractions in Mississauga, ON L4Z 2V4 are performed regularly at the Mississauga Dentist Office. The professionals here understand that extracting a tooth is the last resort, but if it will give the patient a better outcome, then patients should take advantage of tooth extractions in Mississauga, ON.

Tooth extractions Mississauga can be relatively easy. The way they work is the area surrounding the tooth is numbed up, usually with Novocain, and the tooth is then drilled in half so that forceps can remove it with ease. After the tooth is extracted, the dentist in  Mississauga ON will give the patient a detailed plan for aftercare. It is important that the socket will end up clotting. This will help the tooth and the area heal.

If the tooth is in bad shape, it could be extracted, and the area could be cleaned out for false teeth or implants. This is a great way for folks to get the teeth they want while getting rid of teeth that are causing them problems. Unfortunately, while few people desire to have tooth extractions in L4Z 2V4, this is something that for many is an inevitability due to dental problems.

There are several types of dental problems that can lead to needing a dental extraction. One of the biggest problems is infections. Infections can be caused by a variety of issues, and one of the main issues that leads to a need for extractions is trauma. When a tooth is cracked or broken, this exposes the pulp and the nerve root. When this area gets infected, and an abscess develops, the tooth is no longer viable in the mouth. Many dentists do what they can to save the tooth, but infections often lead to the loss of teeth.

Another issue leading to the loss of teeth is poor dental hygiene. Having bad dental hygiene will cause the enamel on the tooth to be compromised and could lead to the loss of a tooth. If you are having issues with your teeth, visit the folks at the Mississauga Dentist Office today to see what your options are.

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