Emergency Dentist in Mississauga, ON
If you experience a broken tooth, damaged crown, mouth injury, pain, discomfort, or swelling, our Mississauga office is here to help you with emergency dentistry

Our Emergency Dentist Near You

It is essential to seek treatment and address serious dental issues that require urgent attention. Patients are encouraged to call the office when emergency dentistry is needed in Mississauga. We always strive to see you as soon as possible to take care of your immediate needs for your dental problems. We often leave gaps in our schedule so we can accommodate emergency cases. Patients going through dental emergencies need emergency intervention. Happening quickly can help salvage teeth and overall dental health.

Mississauga Emergency Dentistry 

Don’t hesitate to seek treatment if a tooth gets knocked out. Some dental emergencies may not seem urgent but can quickly lead to a severe oral health issue without assistance. For instance, a bad toothache may be a symptom of a serious infection that could spread into the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. Through quick and effective intervention, we can prevent these complications.
Other conditions that require emergency dentistry services include:
  1. Broken or chipped teeth
  2. Broken or dislodged crowns or fillings
  3. Injured gums with persistent bleeding
  4. Object stuck deep in the gum
  5. Pain or discomfort
Patients are encouraged to follow a few first aid measures until they reach our office. If you’ve experienced trauma to the mouth and have a loose tooth, try to keep it in its socket by biting on a piece of cotton. A knock-out tooth should either be put back in its socket, placed in a clean container, and covered with saliva or milk. When dealing with loose teeth or dental products like crowns and fillings, patients should be careful not to swallow them.
Bleeding should be dealt with via compression. Try placing a piece of cotton or gauze over the bleeding area and bite firmly. Firm compression will promote clot formation and prevent further blood loss. Seeking treatment for dental infections should not be delayed. Persistent infection can lead to abscess formation and more complications.
If you experience any of these issues or other tooth or jaw pain, please consider Mississauga dentist Dr. Jeff Levman as your emergency dentist near Mississauga. We’ll try to see you as soon as possible and tell you what to do until you get here.
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