Dental Implants vs. Bridges: A Complete Review

Dental Implants vs. Bridges: A Complete Review

Aug 22, 2018

Dr. Jeff Levman and his dental team offer several different treatment options in order to help replace missing teeth. These options focus on improving the appearance and function of patient’s smiles. Continue reading on to learn the differences between dental implants and bridges and see which of these options will be most effective for your smile.

Dental Implants. Dental implants focus on replacing the tooth’s root system for a strong foundation. A titanium implant is surgically placed in the jawbone, where the bone will bond with it over time. They also help to prevent bone loss that typically follows missing teeth.

Fixed Bridges. Fixed dentures are another permanent option is replacing missing teeth. They connect to either side of the teeth in the missing spot. In a way, they help to “bridge” the missing gap between teeth. It is a quicker way to replace a missing tooth compared to other options.

Posterior tooth loss is an issue that when there is a loss of vertical dimension. This is the height of an individual’s face that is affected by their bite. Eventually, this leads to further damage and tooth loss, yet another reason to invest in a restoration for your missing teeth in your smile.

Cost Breakdown – Dental Implants Vs. Fixed Bridges

It is important to talk to your dentist about the cost difference between dental implants and fixed bridges in deciding which option is best for your smile. We accept most insurance plans and are eager to come up with a plan to help each patient with their costs.

Our dental team is ready to help answer any questions you may have regarding dental implants, bridges, or other services we provide. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!