Saturday Dentist?

Saturday Dentist?

Nov 01, 2019

Dental care should not only be practiced on weekdays. No one can predict what happens to teeth throughout the week, which is why weekend dentists are necessary for society. A lot of people are not committed to regular dental visits because of the nature of their work life. Tight schedules throughout the week make it hard for adults to set aside time for oral care. However, if there is a dental clinic open on Saturday, why would you hold yourself back? Dental clinics are open for everyone to ensure that their oral health is in check at all times. This means that if you cannot make it to your dentist’s office on Mondays through Fridays, you can consider Saturday dentistry.

Why Do You Need Regular Dental Checkups?

Visiting the dentist is not a compelling activity for most people. It is not just kids that have phobias over dental care. However, regular visits to a dentist are necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of dental visits include:

  1. Teeth cleaning – while you maintain your daily routine of brushing your teeth twice and flossing, it is not enough. Sometimes you need to book an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning gets rid of any plaque that has built up in between your teeth and on the surface. It is best because toothbrush bristles cannot always get rid of all the plaque.
  2. To track down oral diseases – in the field of medicine, the earlier you identify a disease or infection, the easier it can be treated and prevented. In the same way, oral checkups are needful to help detect oral diseases in their early stages. This includes teeth decays and cavities, gum disease, temporomandibular disorders, misaligned teeth, and even oral cancer. It explains why you are likely to find oral cancer screening services offered by a Saturday dentist near you.
  3. Teeth whitening – stains on teeth can be annoying. Unfortunately, most people do not catch the stains until they are very conspicuous and stubborn. Visiting your dentist regularly helps find stains early, to whiten your teeth before the stains are resistant to bleach.
  4. Oral hygiene and health advice – we all claim to know what to do with our teeth. However, we are mistaken to think that we know better than dentists. A dentist will give you actionable insight on how best to take care of your teeth. This includes how to brush and floss, what toothpaste and mouth products to use, how to hydrate your lips, which foods to eat, among other tips. This helps you preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.
  5. Conducting bone structure exams – the structure of the bones around your mouth matters, when it comes to dental care. The bone structure is responsible for holding the teeth in place, all while framing your face. In that case, any anomalies in your bone structure can affect your dental health. A dentist can observe and examine your bone structure to find out any abnormalities. This can translate to how your teeth sit, malpositioning of some teeth, and the stability of the teeth on your jaw.

Why is Saturday Dentistry Important?

Understanding how much a dentist can do for you, you need to find a dental clinic that will cater to all of those needs. However, busy you are with life, you can always find time for your oral health. For some people, this means finding a dentist on Saturday. Luckily, Saturday dentistry exists, and is useful in the following ways:

  1. To cater to dental emergencies – you cannot wait until Monday to have an emergency handled. Technical, a dental emergency will not confine itself to happen on Mondays through Fridays. Saturday dentists are more than capable of handling your dental emergencies throughout the weekend.
  2. Flexible working hours – the beauty of Saturday dentist is that they are flexible to accommodate pop up visits from patients. Given the unpredictability of life, you cannot always expect patients to need medical help between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In that case, Saturday dentistry helps cover the extra hours of the weekend, for unanticipated dental problems.
  3. Subsequent dental treatment – some of the treatments offered require more than one dental visit. If your dental visit falls on a Saturday, you do not have to wait until Monday to continue the treatment.
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