How To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

How To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Feb 01, 2022

When you talk to a new person, the first thing you note is the smile. A great way to gain self-confidence is by having a natural smile. It’s good to care for your teeth appropriately to avoid having problems with creating a positive public image.

Similarly, you should also ensure your child’s dental health is optimal to avoid oral issues that may cause problems and, in some cases, lead to teeth loss. According to Dr. Jeff Levman – Mississauga, ON, children’s dental care is critical. He is a dentist in Mississauga, ON.

Tips to Ensure Your Child Has Healthy Teeth

There are several tips to ensure proper care for your child.

  • Start Cleaning Your Kid’s Teeth Early

Unlike what some people think, children can also get tooth decay. Therefore, it would help if you wiped your kid’s gums with a clean piece of washcloth during the early days. Dip the cloth in warm, clean water and gently rub the gums using your finger.

As teeth emerge, introduce a toothbrush . However, you should use a tiny amount of toothpaste and ensure they spit the toothpaste after brushing. Ensure you brush them at least twice per day. When the child’s teeth develop fully, start flossing their teeth and rinsing daily.

  • Healthy Diet

To ensure your child has healthy teeth, feed them with healthy food that contributes to the health and strength of the teeth. It would help if you prioritized meals rich in calcium and vitamins. For example, feed your child with fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Additionally, it would be best to minimize the intake of sugary foods for your kid. Sugary foods stick in the teeth and form plaque, leading to tooth decay and other dental infections. By avoiding sugary foods, you help keep your child’s teeth healthy..

  • Consider Sealants

Sealants are coats applied on the surface of a child’s teeth, specifically molars, to protect them against cavities. The molars are vulnerable teeth to cavities due to their wide surface that bites into the food your child is eating. They are very effective in protecting the teeth against sugary treats.

  • Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is very beneficial in protecting a child’s teeth. Even though it’s found in most public water sources and standard toothpaste, sometimes dentists recommend a fluoride treatment.

The procedure involved is simple and painless. It provides an extra layer of protection, particularly from cavities.

  • Visit the Dentist Regularly

You can take your child to a children’s dentist in Mississauga, ON, for a regular check-up and prevent future problems. A dentist can identify plaque, poor gum health, and cavities during the initial visit. Once detected early, treatment is easy and quick.

Starting early dental visits allows your child’s teeth to grow healthy and perfect. Healthy and more robust teeth are essential during adulthood since they enhance your smile and chewing solid ability.

  • Teach Them About Dental Hygiene

As your child starts comprehending things, start educating them about dental hygiene while using yourself as a role model. Show them how to brush their teeth, the amount of toothpaste to use.

Also, educate them on good and bad practices that may affect the teeth negatively. Tell them the foods/drinks to consume and which ones to prioritize in their diets. Also, talk about the dentist, which may reduce dental anxiety.


The ultimate goal is to build a strong foundation for your child to achieve healthy teeth from childhood to adulthood. Once you start practicing, it gets easy. Also, always consult the dentist when in doubts about some dental practices. Keep in touch with Dr. Jeff Levman – Mississauga, ON, dentist l4z 2v4.

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