A common cause of dental implant failure

A common cause of dental implant failure

Feb 26, 2019

Every product in life has a chance of failing, the probability of which may vary. Some have fewer chances of failing and some have higher chances- it all depends on the nature of the product and the risks associated with it. A dental implant has very less risk of damage taking place over a period of time. Dr. Jeff Levman believes that it is very rare that a dental implant would get damaged but one should know the common causes of dental implants’ failures, as given below-

Failed osseointegration: In simple words, what you can understand this is as losing of implanted teeth or falling out of teeth. You might face this problem after a few weeks of the implant. This happens when your jaw bones are not able to fuse with the artificial teeth properly. This can happen because of the following reasons

  • One of the most common reasons is incorrect positioning of implant teeth
  • Overload with the new teeth
  • Your teeth have insufficient bone density
  • Sometimes surrounding tissues get damaged because of which it creates the same problem
  • Sudden impact on teeth because of chewing hard objects or using any similar kind of force

Peri-implantitis: This is the problem of infection which happens around the implants and also affects the gums from inside. This affects overall implanted teeth if one does not pay attention from time to time. This may happen because of the following reasons

  • During the implant surgery, if the dentist isn’t able to maintain proper hygiene. So choose your dentist wisely. One of the best options can be Dr. Jeff Levman.
  • This infection could cause you further bone loss.

Nerve and tissue damage: When implant is done very close to your nerve system then even this can damage the nerves and tissues. If it happens, you might face problems like

  • Chronic pain in your teeth and gums
  • You can feel numbness in your gums, tongue and so on. This might lead to removing your implant for temporary period or permanently

The implant is one of the best treatment for the missing teeth. There is some risk attached to it but it is not that high and you can easily avoid it. If you get treatment of this from an expert like Dr. Jeff Levman then it can be neglected completely.

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