8 Different Types of Dentists In Mississauga

8 Different Types of Dentists In Mississauga

Jul 01, 2020

Do you ever question how dentists achieve all dental-related goals with ease and effectiveness? Given the many oral needs that exist in dentistry, it can be overwhelming for dentists to carry on all the tasks. It is why specialisation exists in the field of medicine.

In dentistry, there are all sorts of dental experts, all of which serve a crucial role in the dental health of patients. Today we look at the different types of dentists that you can easily spot in Mississauga dental offices.

Who Is A Dentist?

A dentist is a dental expert that has trained and gained experience in diagnosing and treating the oral problems of patients. Technically, each dentist is charged with different roles in dental health, all of which are aimed at improving the oral health of patients, one smile at a time.

Given that dentists operate in tight quarters, they are required to have precision and a unique keenness to details. Although that may seem obvious, in oral health, you want the most precise and steady hands working on your mouth.

Top 8 Types of Dentists In Mississauga

If you are looking for a high-level description of the different types of Mississauga dentists today is your lucky day. Here is a break down of the most common dentists that operate in dentistry, along with a description of what they do:

  1. General dentist – any time you walk into a dental office near you, you are most likely to come across a general dentist in Mississauga. They are the kinds of dentists that provide regular dental services, ranging from dental exams, dental cleanings, and preventive dentistry. If happens to be among the most common area of dentistry, as the general dentist will refer you to other dentists whenever there is a specialised oral need.
  2. Pediatric dentist – children’s dentists in Mississauga are not often appreciated, even though they serve a very crucial role in dental health. A paediatric dentist is in charge of all things children, regarding dental health. This covers children right from infancy to adulthood. They are versed in all the growing and changing needs of kids’ mouths, which makes their job among the most interesting in dentistry.
  3. Family dentists – these are the people that make your family’s life all that much easier. Family dentistry is also a big speciality in dental care, providing dental experts who can care for the oral needs of family units. They also have a lot to handle, having that they have experience in dealing with both children and adults.
  4. Cosmetic dentists – in the 21st century, cosmetic dentistry is like music to the ears. The dental experts in this speciality cater to all the aesthetic requirements and desires of patients. They handle issues like smile makeovers, dental repairs, and tooth restorations. If you are looking to elevate the appearance of your smile, these are the dentist to check out.
  5. Emergency dentists – do you ever wonder what would happen if you have a dental emergency? The last thing you would want is to have to wait in line or schedule an appointment to have your oral problem checked. This is the reason emergency dentists exist. They cater to the urgent oral problems that need to be treated with haste, but equally with excellence. You can easily find them in dental ERs and have all your urgent dental issues treated swiftly.
  6. Orthodontic dentist – also known as orthodontists. They are the dental experts in charge of teeth straightening. When your child has to wear braces at an early age, it is not a pediatric dentist to turn to, but rather, and orthodontists. They are familiar with all matters jawbone and teeth development. These dentists spend a lot of time customising and adjusting oral appliances, including metal brackets, wires, retainers, and other applications.
  7. Periodontists – these are dentists that cater to the periodontium of your mouth. This mostly covers the gum tissue, but also the bone tissue. They help treat infection of the gum tissue, sometimes even restoring teeth that have been weakened by gum disease.
  8. Oral surgeons – while it is not an easy thing to appreciate, dental health sometimes involves surgery. Some surgical procedures are necessary to offer optimum treatment for your problem. When it comes to that, oral surgeons are the dentists you want on your case.
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